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Not all water pipes are available all the time. Our site is more of a gallery of what we can

carry or have carried rather than an online store. If you want to know about the availability of a product please feel free to call or come on in and chat with us.


 Yup an unbreakable bong, perfect for garages, festivals, drunk people, head butting cats, or dogs with baseball bat tales. Easy to clean and easy to take anywhere.
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 HiSi is top of its class with their geyser bong, the best bubble production out there. All their glass is built for a clean look with a edge of engineering. Made in California and worth every penny.


 The people's glass. Cheech hit the shelves in a big way and has grown greatly over the years. They have an endless amount of decals and types. Sand blasting, beakers, straight tubes, rigs, definitely a go to for the shop.


Concentrates your flavor of choice? We carry many rigs from silicone to etched cheech glass. Need a banger or a different nail? We got a wide selection of ceramic, titanium, and quartz glass to upgrade any ground glass joint. 

Legendary and OG

This bong line constantly puts out unique units at unbelievable prices. Everything from 6 arm recyclers to 16" multi perked beasts.


Small, easy to use, unique shapes and colors. One of the most classic ways of cooling your smoke.

Retro Glass

Your classic soda lime glass kicks it old school. Get some color in your collection for a great price. These guys are tried and true and will give you the haul you need with no fuss.

Ash Catchers

Catches your ash or adds an additional water chamber, either way they will make your piece that much better.

Novelties and Others

Tommy gun bongs to acrylics. We always got a few fun things kicking around.