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 Over the many years this company has delivered quality in both the tabletop and portable worlds. Canadian made, great warranties, and not one unit over 300$. Our favorite company hands down.
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Da Vinci

Da Vinci always strives to make units that are unique and with each new unit they get closer to the perfect portable vaporizer. innovative designs and built to perform, Da Vinci vapes have been a long standing unit on our shelf.

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Pretty new to the vape industry and they already have six units. One of being the CFV, the only true convection portable vape we have seen. With a wide rage of higher end to cheaper units  and all being backed by a 3 year warranty it makes Boundless a great company for all.

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Hydrology 9‚Äč

One of the firsts of its kind, a bubbler herbal vape. It's not an attachment, it's not a converter for a bong it's a all in one beautifully designed water pipe vape. Super smooth draw, easy to clean and spill proof!  

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Summit +

This one is for you outdoorsy folk. ITs weatherised, meaning it has an insulated heating chamber and battery. Rain, extreme heat or cold won't affect this  this unit. Even comes with a dry sack.

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Grav Labs Fire Button

Very well built, very effective and looks pretty too. With the foiled dished titanium atomizers this unit rarely needs replacement parts. The dished smooth red hot metal eliminates those nooks for your concentrates to get lost in. A massive battery and heat on demand it makes this one of our favorite units for your water pipe.   

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Kandy Pens

This company made it big fast. Rated one of the best concentrate pen companies on the market. We carry the Galaxy, Gravity and now the Prism each with a lifetime warranty on the batteries. Kandy Pens have been one of the best sellers for us for a couple years now.

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Looks like a mod box but it actually fits in the palm of your hand. Even tho it's small it packs a triple coil atomizer. Comes in a glass or metal top, and has a 1 year warranty on the battery. The APX has been a big hit with our customers.

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Pulsar Mini Enail

A 150w minni Enail for a great price. Equipped with a 20mm heating coil that fits onto the included universal type 2 titanium domeless nail. Digital full temp control with a range of 0-12000f. 

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